The administrative affairs of SSIM are overseen by a governing Chapter, under the leadership of the Master. The Chapter can consist of clergy, religious and laity; the role of Chaplain General being reserved to a Priest, whose primary responsibility is to offer Mass for the intentions of members of SSIM.

Each member of Chapter takes a chapter position under the title of one of the Martyr patrons of SSIM. In line with SSIM having been originally founded in the UK, the patrons are a combination of martyrs of the British Isles and those of the early Roman Church.

Graeme Jolly obl OSB

Master – Chapter Title of St Justin Martyr

The Master was one of the founding members of SSIM in 2005. It is his responsibility to guide the work of the Society, appoint members of Chapter and to chair its meetings.

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Fr Liam Carpenter

Chaplain General – Chapter Title of St Thomas of Canterbury, Martyr

Father Liam, of the Diocese of Nottingham is the second General Chaplain of SSIM, replacing Fr Peter Lyness who retired from Chapter in October 2019

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Antony Pinchin

Chamberlain – Chapter Title of St Restitutus of Rome, Martyr

Antony was also a founding member in 2005 and as Chamberlain is responsible for the roll of the society, financial affairs and general administration. Antony is also Rector of the Province of St Paul Miki and Blessed Stanley Rother

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Steven McKenna

Chapter Title of St Philip Howard, Martyr

Steven has also been with us from the beginning as a member of Chapter. Since November 2019 he has also been Rector fo the Province of St John Almond, in which capacity he is responsible for the day to day arrangements of the Society within his province.

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Richard Hawker

Chapter Title of St Pancras of Rome, Martyr

The Master appointed Richard to Chapter in October 2019 because of his experience in the use of social media to promote religious organisations. Richard was also appointed Rector of the Province of Province of St John Southworth in 2019 and is the Master of Liturgical Ceremonies of the Society.

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Fr Rob Carey

Chapter Title of St Praxedes of Rome, Martyr

Fr Rob was appointed to Chapter in April 2021 and is a priest of the Archdiocese of Birmingham (UK)

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Chapter Title of St Edward of England, Martyr


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